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Run 1: Small Description

Run 1 belongs to the running games category, meaning that you are given possibility to become the main hero of the amazing game while you are playing. This is the very initial one and the starting point before shifting to other versions. Get started with this and follow the instructions in order to succeed.

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Little more about Run 1

Before getting started you have several options, such as choosing the modes: adventure, infinite, etc. Also you can decide the speed of the game. If you are a beginner, you are recommended to start with the easiest one and become familiar with the main rules. The keyboard arrows are also helpful while playing and you are getting acquainted with the major instructions. Don’t be in a hurry and try to follow the speed. The music and the sounds make the game real and you have feeling that you are the part of it. Running and trying to overcome the obstacles on your way make the game more interesting and attractive for everyone despite their age and gender. Time by time you can track the changes and see the results, this will give you hint where the modifications and some improvements in your playing skills are needed. Don’t worry, if everything is not going well; you are just beginner and every time you can restart the game. On the screen you will see the blue tunnels and the galaxy full of stars. You have to be smart enough and try to jump up and down in order to avoid falling down. In this regard you have to strengthen your playing skills and follow the entire game. Also there are different levels to be reached and the goals are also changing accordingly. Be smart and keep an eye on the speed. Invite your friends to play this game. If interested there are other versions such as Run 2 and Run 3, which are assumed to be the kind of continuation of the previous one(s) and becoming more challenging due to their complexity for every game player. Come and visit this place and be the part of this game. It’s worth enough, enjoy your playing!